White-faced Ibis


RIARC Number, Vote (Accepted - Not Accepted - Natural Status Uncertain), # of birds reported; location; date(s); reporters (I = initial observer, R = report submitted, P = photograph submitted).

2015-5 (6-0): One; Middletown; 18-27-Apr-2015; Christine Sidler (I), Carlos Pedro (P), Robert Weaver (P).

2014-7 (6-0): Two; Middletown; 26-Apr to 3-May-2014; Wayne Munns (R), Carlos Pedro (R,P), Robert Weaver (P).

2013-16 (6-0): One; Beavertail Road at Fort Getty; 1-May-2013; Carlos Pedro (I,R,P)

2012-6 (7-0): One; Great Swamp Management Area, South Kingstown; 22-26-Apr-2012; Leslie Bostrom (I,R), Tom Auer (P).

2009-4 (7-0): One; Fort Getty Road, Jamestown; 3-5-May-2009; Dan Finizia (I,R,P), Sue Talbot (I,R,P).

2005-2 (7-0): One; Jamestown; 2-3-May-2005; John McGill (I,R).


2001 **

1998 **

** Checklist of Rhode Island Birds 1900-2002, Audubon Society of Rhode Island