Thick-billed Murre


RIARC Number, Vote (Accepted - Not Accepted - Natural Status Uncertain), # of birds reported; location; date(s); reporters (I = initial observer, R = report submitted, P = photograph submitted).

2015-2 (6-0): One; Cliff Walk, Newport; 4-5-Feb-2015; Matt Grimes (I), Robert Weaver (P), Rey Larsen (P), Jack Kelly (P).

2015-1 (6-0): One; pelagic, Cox's Ledge; 14-Jan-2015; Keith Mueller (I,R,P).

2015-23 (6-0): One; pelagic, 20 mi SE of Block Island; 30-Dec-2015; Keith Mueller (I,R,P).

2014-18 (6-0): One; pelagic, Cox's Ledge; 31-Dec-2014; Keith Mueller (I,R,P).

2014-17 (6-0): One; pelagic, Cox's Ledge; 14-Dec-2014; Keith Mueller (I,R,P).

2005-9 (6-0): One; Weekapaug, Westerly; 30-Jan to 27-Feb-2005; Brian Sweisford (I,R).


"A formerly uncommon but now rare visitor in winter..." *

* Ferren, Richard L. “The Birds of Rhode Island – their seasonal distribution and ecological history. “ Unpublished Manuscript.