RIARC Number, Vote (Accepted - Not Accepted - Natural Status Uncertain), # of birds reported; location; date(s); reporters (I = initial observer, R = report submitted, P = photograph submitted).

2012-10 (7-0): One; Rhode Island Country Club, Barrington; 23-27-Oct-2012; Ben Shamgochian (I,R,P), Robert Weaver (P), Rufus Abdullah (P), Jan St. Jean (P).

2011-11 (7-0): One; Quicksand Pond, Little Compton; 16-Aug-2011; Robert Emerson (I,R).

2007-28 (7-0): One; Napatree Point, Westerly; 31-May-2007, Chris Raithel (I,R), Richard Ferren (I).

2006-5 (7-0): One; Great Swamp, South Kingstown; 12-Apr-2006; Dan Finizia (I,P), Sue Talbot (I).

2003-14 (6-0): One; Napatree Point, Westerly; 4-15-May-2003; B. Nikula (R,P).


Rare. Approximately 30 records since 1950.

* Ferren, Richard L. “The Birds of Rhode Island – their seasonal distribution and ecological history. “ Unpublished Manuscript.