Ash-throated Flycatcher


RIARC Number, Vote (Accepted - Not Accepted - Natural Status Uncertain), # of birds reported, location, date(s), reporters (I = initial observer, R = report submitted, P = photograph submitted).

2014-14 (6-0): One; Sachuest Point, Middletown; 5-13-Nov-2014; Matt Schenck (I), Mark Pagliarini (I,P).

2011-22 (7-0): One; Middletown; 4-12-Dec-2011; Paul Champlin (I,R,P), Rey Larsen (P), Bob Weaver (P).


2001 **

1995 23-29-Oct Barrington

1993 1-3-Oct Lewis-Dickens Farm, Block Island

1979 12-30-Nov near Watchemoket Cove, East Providence

1976 25-Sep Block Island

1960 15-Sep Block Island

* Ferren, Richard L. “The Birds of Rhode Island – their seasonal distribution and ecological history. “ Unpublished Manuscript.

** Checklist of Rhode Island Birds 1900-2002, Audubon Society of Rhode Island