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Pacific Loon

RIARC Number, Vote (Accepted - Not Accepted - Natural Status Uncertain), # of birds reported; location; date(s); reporters (I = initial observer, R = report submitted, P = photograph submitted).

2013-22 (6-0): One; Point Judith, Narragansett; 21 Dec 2013; Phil Rusch (I,R), Glenn Williams (I,R).

2013-6 (6-0): One; Newport 15 Feb to 6 Mar 2013; John Magill (I,R), Dan Finizia (P), Rey Larsen (P), Paul Champlin (P).

2009-15 (7-0): Four; (West Beach Road, Dorrie’s Cove, Grace’s Cove), Block Island; 12-14 Nov 2009; Robert Emerson (I,R), Patricia Lindsay (I), Shai Mitra (I,R).

2009-8 (7-0): Four; SW corner of Block Island; 30 Apr to 6 May 2009; Tom Magarian (I), Dan Finizia (P).

2008-5 (7-0): One; Great Salt Pond, Block Island; 7 Nov 2008; Patricia Lindsay (I), Shai Mitra (R,P).

2007-18 (6-1): One; near Old Harbor, Block Island; 2-6 Oct 2007; Hugh Willoughby (R), Sue Talbot (P), Dan Finizia (P).

Approximately 30 records between 1941 and 2000.
"...such birds have gradually become known as very irregular visitors in mid-winter, rarely earlier, and occasionally in spring in full alternate plumage."

* Ferren, Richard L. “The Birds of Rhode Island – their seasonal distribution and ecological history. “ Unpublished Manuscript.